I Love Youth Clubs by Eva Harley Chiphe

Mission:  To help children navigate the pressures and challenges faced during their journey to adulthood.

Vision:  To teach children the skills needed to create a peaceful world.

Some common pressures and challenges children face are alcohol, bullying, homework, drugs, gun violence, sex, divorce, suicide, and poverty to name a few amongst others.


The children enrolled in the I Love Clubs become Ambassadors of love and spread

love wherever they go. The I Love Club is a national movement for schools, churches

and community organizations. It is based on the type of neighborly love seen in Luke 10:27 “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  It’s a love that notices the needs of another person and is motivated by the desire to serve another person in need. It’s a gentle, tender love, a compassionate and sacrificial love.

The first component of the I Love Club will be a loving adult advisor to lead the club. The I Love Club is designed for children in third grade and above. It will teach

how to have a servant’s heart, and to use expressions of love to spread love and

peace throughout the world.

The I Love Club can be a stand-alone club, or one used to supplement other youth organizations if it is registered with the founder’s office.  When used to supplement

an existing group, the basic activities will still need to be completed to teach what

love looks and sounds like.  I Love Club activities will focus on doing acts of love by providing community service projects, workshops on entrepreneurship, career development, STEAM workshops, African history, writing, publishing, and leadership skills.  Lesson Plans will be provided for all eight modules. 

 After registration, an organizational kit consisting of club guidelines and an activity booklet will be forwarded to each advisor.

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Eva Harley Chiphe, Author


Book Supplemental Activities and Materials

Book Theme: Reading is A Family Affair


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  • I Love Clubs * Character Development,

     African History, Community Service Projects,

     Entrepreneurship, Leadership Skills, Publishing, Writing Skills, and STEAM.

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Please visit my website at www.evaharleychiphe.com, evaharleychiphe@gmail.com or call me at 843.862.8524.